Community Guidelines

SEEKING THE THRILL - Last update: 15/12/2023 - version 1.3

Welcome to the general Community Guidelines of interacting with the community of SEEKING THE THRILL! We expect everyone in our community to adhere to these rules for the creation of a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. These rules apply to everything we provide for our members; online text-, voice- and video chats and physical meetups.

Respectful Interactions
We value treating every member with respect. Harassment, insults, witch-hunting, threats, sexism, racism, LGBTQ+-phobia, doxxing, trash talking or any form of hate speech is strictly prohibited.

Anti-Bullying Policy
To make sure everyone feels safe and at home. We maintain a community free from bullying, which includes any form of unwelcome actions, both verbally and physically.

Content guidelines
To keep our community safe for everyone. We refrain from posting or discussing NSFW/18+/obscene content, including text, images, links featuring nudity, sex, violence, drugs, or any graphically disturbing material.

Language inclusivity
As an international community, we communicate in English to ensure everyone feels welcome and included, regardless of their nationality.

No spamming
We are with a lot of members. Therefore avoid spamming in online chats, including emoji spam, excessive caps lock usage, tagging fellow members frequently and sharing loud or irritating noises in voice chats.

Self-Promotion Guidelines
Refrain from self-promotion without prior approval from a team member. If you have created something you’re passionate about that you’d like to share, consult with a team member first for permission. 

Mindful language use
We encourage language that is free of swear words, considering the diverse age groups within our community. But, as long as nobody makes a problem out of it, we won’t either. 

Link policies
Do not use shortened or invite links. We can’t check if these links are safe. When sharing links we also recommend waiting for an embed preview so members know what they are clicking on.

Content Creation policy
By joining our meetups, you agree to be featured in SEEKING THE THRILL’s video and photo content, shared with our community and on social media. In return, feel free to use any of our published media for your non-commercial projects.

Non-Political environment
While we respect everyone’s right to have opinions, political discussions are not allowed within our community. Avoid heated debates, as our main goal is to have fun together. Let’s maintain a positive atmosphere in the community.

No exploiting loopholes
Avoid circumventing the rules or exploiting loopholes. 

Focus on ideas, not individuals:
Keep the conversation fun! Engage in discussions about topics, not individuals. Avoid personal attacks and keep conversations constructive.

Park Rules
In our community we value good relationships with parks and we like to show respect to all the theme parks we visit. That’s why we ask our members to follow all park rules at our official meetups.

Right to reject participation
Seeking the Thrill has the right to refuse or reject anyone at any time from participating in our online community or one of our meetups/meetings/tours without any further explanation.

Navigating a situation involving a rule violation against you
We’re very sorry that something negative towards you happened. The team is always a welcome place to talk about issues you are having with how the community is run or if there are conflicts with members from the community. You can talk to the team by following the steps in FAQ question 3. Want to remain anonymous or need us to take the first step? Fill in this form: